Monday, July 7, 2008

This is me :)

So, this is me and two bestest friends in the whole world. We are crazy fun and like to shop, go to the lake, and take pictures. We are so alike its annoying sometimes. Honestly, finishing each others sentences can get just weird after its happened so often. The one on the left is calais, (pronounced like the city in france, yes) and on the right is danielle. Calais is an awesome dancer and danielle's hair sometimes takes her over (it is usually curly but is straight in this picture after 4 grueling hours of straightening.) But all in all, I still am the best at playing the wii. (okay, so i've played the bowling game once at danielles house, but i won calais and danielle and even wound up beating the high score on the game at the time.) yeah, life is good. :)

Hello Blogging World!

This is my very first blog entry. I am so awesome!! So.. heya blogging world! Hmm.. a little about myself maybe? Im seventeen, gorgeous, amazing, talented, hard working, honest, funny etc. Just Kidding. I am however going to start hair school in september. Once I graduate I hope to have many clientele, so I can be rich and famous. Well, rich at least. :) I also love to read, be with family and friends, do anything in the sun, and.. i think doing anything in the sun sums that up cause there is a lot to do in the sun. :) This picture is of me at our family reunion a few weeks ago... Weird, since I cant ever remember having a family reunion before in my entire life. Sad, i know.